Mike Buland

Programmer, Lead Developer, Deep Systems Geek
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Mike was always fascinated with computers, and started trying to program way back in elementary school on his parents' Commodore 64. He later graduated to programming in GW Basic on the family 386 around 4th grade. He moved on to C in 6th grade and junior high, and expanded into C++. Programming was always more of a passion than a hobby, and he spent most of his time either reading his dad's old sci-fi collection or programming something or other.

He and a friend in elementary school started their own software company, and although they never made any money with it, it was a fun experience. That gave way to several contract programming jobs in high school and work for a local geophysical and GIS software firm out of Golden. There he worked on mapping software and Census TIGER/Line interface systems.

After high school Mike attended Regis University in Denver studying Computer Science and Mathematics. There he refined his self-taught skills and explored many new and interesting topics including Artificial Life, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Automata, Database Theory, Data Structures, and more. He did a large amount of work in the area of neural networks and artificial life simulations, including pattern recognition, music generation, art generation, problem solving, and simulated ecosystems.

It was also in college that Mike started developing libbu++, incidentally for a game project that he was working on. Libbu++ became a general library of very handy C++ code and has continued to grow and be refined today, and is the foundation of a number of Geek Gene projects.

In his personal life, Mike has now been married for two years, and he and his wife have recently purchased a house. He enjoys reading, and writing fantasy and science fiction, as well as playing table top role playing games with his friends. He enjoys gardening and working around the house, and also has a great time working on cars. He is currently restoring a 1987 Porsche 944, and his wife is shopping for a 1980's era Corvette that she can work on.