Jim Ruberto

Diggin' Deep Drupal Developer, Freelancer, Musician
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Jim has been working with Geek Gene and with Drupal for far too long. In fact, he has branched off into other endeavors that take up much of his time.

Jim has been investing a lot of his time working on a cool project called W1SDØM. W1SDØM is designed to support change agents, investors and advisors by facilitating the flow of capital – be it human, intellectual, social or financial – to more effectively create the next generation of global sustainable enterprise.

Not only does he bring his extensive background in finance, financial software development and web application development, but he's a downright rockin' musician active in the Denver music community and musical production. When needed he is still a pinch-hitter on a number of Geek Gene's Drupal projects.

His background financial software development has proven quite valuable in a number of our alternative currency projects.